How it Works

How to works the Multi Account Management (MAM) ?

The managed Forex accounts offers total transparency compared to the typical fund. The Forex managed accounts with your Funds are solely held by you. Also, here you are in control of the Investment, you can withdraw your funds anytime without penalty or stop trading at any point. You are now able to receive the trade team’s trades in your personal account . This is with the help of new technology advancement called Multi Account Management MAM

An example of PREMIUM;

when you start a $10,000 in an account with a performance fee of 30% .During the month there is a $1000 gross profit . The performance fee deduced would be 30% of $1000 , which is $300, so your net profit will be $700 . Thus your account would now have a watermark new balance of $ 10,700 . Later if in the next month , If there was a loss of $ 500 . The performance fee wouldn’t be deduced , Hence without profit your new balance would be $10,200. Since your watermark is still $10,700 there won’t be a performance fee deduction, until you get past your current watermark.

There is absolutely no lock-in periods or penalties for withdrawing your funds. You could withdraw your funds the day after you fund your account. There won’t be any hidden extra charges. As we want to be a fair, ethical and transparent to our clients all times. Our clients should feel confident to continue with us based on our results rather than locking them into a contract. The only paper work that you need to sign comes from a broker, which once signed allows us to trade your account.

The first step would be to open your account at the brokerage where the trade team has set up their master account, when you contact us we will direct you to this brokerage

  • Step 1- When you are decided to make investment, visit our Managed Accounts page and choose Master Account from our Multi Account Management MAM Account
  • Step 2- Click on ‘Open account’ and fill up the required fields. Once your account is activated, you get a welcome mail with login details from the broker as confirmation.
  • Step 3- Go to client area and log in to your account using your id and password. Choose the method of deposit from the list. When the transaction is done, you have to sign LPOA. when you done, the account will be linked to our master accounts.

If you need any further help, we will assist you.


During the online brokerage registration you will need a photo ID ; such as a Passport or a Driving licence as well as an address proof. If you are registering via company, you will be asked to provide corporate documents.

Your brokerage account will be approved within 24hrs normally. After this, you will receive a welcome mail with funding instructions.

You may proceed directly to your account and from the moment you have funded the account the trading starts. You will then be provided with a download link from the brokerage to an MT4 trading platform access, where you will be able to view all the live and historical trades from our multi account management, along with the P & L.

For more details please visit FAQ page or use contact page.