Cash back Forex

Get back your brokerage!


What is Cash Back Forex offer?


Cash back Forex is indeed an attractive offer to trader who opens a trading account with a broker. Here, the broker offers a ‘cash back’ by giving a rebate over the spread that the investor pays on every trade.


Why use Cash Back Forex offer?


  1. Cash back offered on every single trade- Trader receives a cash rebate for every single trade he places while the trading remains the same.
  2. Offering good rebate rates- A good rate is offered as rebate to the SCG clients when compared to the competitors.
  3. Matchless support- A good trade oriented support is provided to the traders.

How does Cash Back Forex work?

When a trader opens a brokerage account through SCG, the licensed broker pays us a part of the commission profit for each trade as compensation. We as a company then shares the major portion of our revenue to our investors as a cash rebate. However this does not affect your spreads and trading status.


How to get started?

Register for an account from this site.
Click on the page ‘trade forex’ and choose your broker.
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You will receive a mail from SCG with details
Start active trading and sit back to enjoy cash rebates!

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